Interior Detail

Interior Detail

Detailing the interior of a vehicle takes as long, if not longer than detailing the exterior.

It can be a lengthy, detailed task or it can be completed in no time at all. It all depends on how much time you have and how much attention to detail you require. The choice you make determines the products we use and how long our team have to spend.

The interior of a vehicle consists of various materials and fabrics which are exposed to the elements and general wear and tear. We provide the strongest and most effective odour removal treatments and stain removers without damaging the material.

Our products also disinfect every inch of the interior safely leaving the area fresh, stain and odour free.

• Degreasing of door and boot jams
• Cleaning of vents, consoles and instrument panels
• Shampoo seats and floor mats
• Cleaning of leather using high grade lexol products
• Conditioner to rejuvenate and protect leather
• Application of revitalizer and protectant for vinyl and plastics

• Wash vehicle using foam guns, Perfect swirl-free car washing technique
• Rinse & chamois the body
• Clean windows inside & out
• Car Deodorized

• Power steam cleaning of seats and floor mats
• Steam cleaning of remaining interior

We offer car detailing in Perth at affordable prices – normally $79 but FREE for a limited time only!

Price – $159/179 4WD – Aprox time: 3-4 h

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