Enhancement Detail

Enhancement Detail

Our most valuable treatment: providing a detailed and effective service to transform your vehicle.

This treatment will improve your vehicle’s look quickly and professionally. Our treatment Enhances your vehicle’s look and leaves it looking brand new

We begin with a deep interior clean which will rejuvenate the interior of your vehicle, followed by a high quality deep polish via a rotary machine which will remove light scratches and swirl marks bringing a clean and polished look to your paint. When polishing is complete, your paint will be protected and finished with a fine Carnauba wax. This paint protection is essential to remove future stains easily and cleanly.


• Clean & rejuvenate dash / console
• Clean & rejuvenate door trims
• Clean door jambs and boot jamb
• Rejuvenate door rubbers
• Shampoo and power steam cleaning of seats and floor mats
• Steam cleaning of interior with stain removal solution
• Wash + gloss all interior plastics, vinyl & leather + Conditioner to rejuvenate and protect leather, vinyl and plastics
• Clean windows inside & out
• Car Deodorized
• Clean roof lining
• Engine Bay detailing

• Wash Vehicle
• Rinse & Chamois the body
Machine polish & Swirls and schratch removal*
• Shine tyres / bumpers & mirror backs/ alloys
• Clean engine bay

Price – $550 – Aprox time: 6-8h

* One of the best ways to take your car’s paintwork to the next level is to use a machine polisher to remove the swirl marks and enhance the gloss by burnishing the finish. Polishing can be done by hand or by a dual action polisher. However, the rotary polisher represents the next step in machine polishing: a tool highly capable of fast correction but also capable of very high clarity, sharp and deep finishes.

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