Maintenance Detail

Maintenance Detail

The perfect treatment if you’re looking for a protect wax while effectively cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

The intensive treatment includes:

• Clean glass windows
• Treat and steam clean dashboard and centre console
• Clean and dry door jams
• Vacuum seats & carpets
• Vacuum boot and lining

• Wash Vehicle
• Rinse & Chamois the body
• Hand Polish vehicle (wax)/optional – machine polish*
• Shine tyres / bumpers & mirrors backs/alloys

Price – From $170 – Aprox time: 2 h

* One of the best ways to take your car’s paintwork to the next level is to use a machine polisher to remove the swirl marks and enhance the gloss by burnishing the finish. Polishing can be done by hand or by a dual action polisher. However, the rotary polisher represents the next step in machine polishing: a tool highly capable of fast correction but also capable of very high clarity, sharp and deep finishes.

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