Ozone Treatments

Ozone Treatments

The “Fresh AIR” Severe Odour Treatment targets and remove unpleasant odours that are permeating your vehicle. The process is entirely safe and highly effective, and can eliminate odours from pets, food and drink, vomit, tobacco smoke, mould and more. Once the odour is gone, we disinfect your vehicle to ensure it stays clean and fresh.

Using ozone generating technology, we neutralise any odours with a natural oxidation process that focuses odour fighting molecules into the vehicle. We recommend an Interior Rejuvenation service prior to the Severe Odour Treatment to ensure the source of the odour is removed for good. Depending on the severity of the issue, the process can be between one and several hours long.

Odor Removal $99 – $199*

* Price varies based on severity of the odor and length of treatment required
** Interior Detail service required prior to odor treatment

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