Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Our STEAM vapour / extractor cleaning system will not only clean, but disinfect and kill all bacteria and germs (including mildew and smoke stains) without using harmful chemicals.

The revolutionary STEAM vapour is changing the entire car wash industry around the world. We have moved from traditional car care to a more advanced, more efficient, time saving, ecological and result driven method.

– Removal of allergens such as dustmites and bacteria
– Freshen fabric with a deep steam clean
– Remove stains from carpets and fabrics
– Removal of oil stains from vinyl and leather
– Clean and freshen air vents
– Dissolve liquids, food stains and lipstick
– Safely and easily remove decals
– Degrease and spot clean engine components
– Remove tar and bug residue
– Remove brake residue from alloys and rims

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